Smoker Grill Box

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DiamondKingSmoker Smoker Box is an INNOVATIVE BBQ smoking accessory that will turn any grill into a meat smoker. The DiamondKingSmoker is 100% Stainless Steel and sits right on the grate of your grill or in your smoker. Using the DKS Mini Cut Chunks that are available in up to 21 different wood species you can smoke like the Pro’s and be the envy of your neighborhood. No more flare up and uneven heat as the DKS solves it all.

  • Cold Smoking; Smoking at 85-110 degrees,
    • Cheese, Eggs, Fish, Pork Belly or Sausage.
    • The SmokerCooker will generate this predictable range without turning the grill on.
    • The SmokerCooker Does It All.
  • Hot Smoking; Grilling at 350 degrees and higher,
    • Burgers, Cut up Chicken, Pork Chops or Steak.
    • Add authentic smoke flavor when grilling your meats.
    • Use the SmokerCooker to create the smoke profile while having your grill turn one.

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